On May 26, 2016, a group teaching titled “Improving the teaching methodologies and updating the course syllabus for the relative courses in the Software Engineering discipline” was organized by the conveners of the Software Engineering discipline at the Computer Science Department, of AIUB. The event was arranged by M. Arifur Rahman and Syed Ishteaque Ahmed, Faculty members of the Department of Computer Science, FSIT. The main objective of this group teaching was to cater ways to introduce new teaching methodologies that will escalate the field of Software Engineering at AIUB to a new dimension, with a higher competitive advantage. It also should be beneficial and prepare the students to be well matured for the industry needs. The discussion was enlightened by the presence of Mashiour Rahman, Director, FSIT, Dr. Dip Nandi, Head of Undergraduate Program, Department of Computer Science, and Dr. Tabin Hasan, Head of Graduate Program, Department of Computer Science. The esteemed faculty members of the Computer Science department participated in the discussion and provided valuable insight regarding improvement of the teaching methodologies, related course’s syllabus, industry involvements, student participations along with examinations and evaluation procedures.