Meet Our Mates

16 – 22 May, 2016


With the slogan "Meet our mates, share to success and celebrate", a week-long Chess playing competition was held at the Department of Computer Science of AIUB. Chess playing engage the intellectual faculties of humans (sometimes to an alarming degree) and the 20 people from AIUB Computer Science faculty, VUES & Officers have played chess as a competition during the Spring 2015-2016 semester break.

We arranged to play a kind of game, which offer pure and abstract competition. During our chess playing competition we examined the problems that arise when we try to plan ahead in a game, which also includes hostile opponents.

The competition started with the permission of Mr. Mashiour Rahman, proposal forwarded by Mr. Hafizur Rahman, and implemented with the great support of Dr. Dip Nandi, who also allowed us to use his room for our get together. Without the enthusiasm of Mr. Syed Ishteaque Ahmed and striving effort of Mr. Sajib Hasan, the competition could not be completed successfully.

Mr. A.G.M. Zaman became the champion for the Summer-2016 session and the 1st runner-up is Shah Zafor Ahamed (Shovon).

We held a prize giving ceremony at room 422 on 26 May, 2106, with the presence of Mr. Mashiour Rahman and Dr. Dip Nandi. We had special gifts for the champion and the 1st runner-up. The rest were given appreciation certificates for participating in the competition.

The competition worked as our motivation to get together for good reason, get to know each other and communicate accordingly. We always look forward to meet our mates, share to success and celebrate.