In continuation of riding at the apex of digital innovation, AIUB Computer Science department proved itself again in the National Hackathon 2016. Three teams from AIUB have secured 2nd runner up position in three different categories among 10 categories.

The hybrid word “Hackathon” consists of Hack + Marathon, which is a globally a recognized marathon coding event. It facilitates a gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time. In this event organized by the ICT Division of Bangladesh Government provided a platform where developers, innovators and designers joined together to introduce new ideas that can solve the problems to achieve 10 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). More than thousand (1000+) university-going youths and professional developers together in 250 teams gathered to innovate new solutions in 10 categories. After the completion of the competition, winners are selected by the assistance of 40 mentors.

Competing with 250 teams, three teams from AIUB attained second runner up positions three categories. The three categories are: Sustainable Tourism, Road Traffic Accident and Newborns and Children. The Team HEISENBUGS, The Unexpectables and BSoD are the teams from AIUB. The HEISENBUGS competed for Sustainable Tourism. Another team named The Unexpectables introduced a solution for the problem of Road Traffic Accident, on the other side another team named BSoD under the category of Newborns and Children secured these positions.